About Us

We are surrounded by women of all sizes which makes it difficult to understand the lack of size diversity in designer fashion. Ayanna Wu Celestin created Mei Smith to fill that gap. She wanted to provide something different in terms of merchandise and presentation. With exclusive collaborations with straight sized brands, Mei Smith speaks to the woman who wears a 12+, wants to build her wardrobe with minimal, quality pieces, and wishes ultimately to wear the same designer pieces her friends of "standard sizes" wear. Our generation is currently the most diverse generation and fashion has always represented specific periods in history. It is time fashion puts diversity at the forefront.

Ayanna Wu Celestin, Founder & Creative Director

Coming from a mixed background, she saw how important diversity was, in every aspect. Mei Sin, her mother, wears an 18. Her sister wears an 18. Her best
friend wears a 20. Several of her relatives wear a 12+. Size diversity is a personal issue for her because size diversity is all she saw growing up at home. However, that diversity was hardly translated in the media and fashion. Using her real passion, knowledge from her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and experience from interning and working with several fashion companies, she decided to start up Mei Smith in 2014.